Our Company

AmLOG.biz brings a real world approach to problem solving for small and medium businesses. We understand the resource constraints and market realities peculiar to  these enterprises. Working with conventional theory and our own experience we have developed our own approach to identifying problems and solving them through projectised products, which once proven, can be transitioned to the operational environment.

An example of our innovative approach is our project planning which focuses on free cash flow of the business rather than budget and time, two critical elements of classic project management. By working with your business, and identifying the levels of free cash flow available in the future we can then apply this to the budget and so determine the project duration.

The advantage of this method is that businesses can fund projects from internal resources, rather than on credit or debt. It is more realistic in that most resource constrained businesses will execute if and when resources are available. Planning on having those resources available increases the probability that they will in fact become available.

Another component to this approach is the gradual roll out of the project, i.e. rather than one completion date, there is a time frame in which the product becomes usable at a basic level, at which time use begins, and as the project continues more and more functionality is enabled until the end of the original scope. Or not, at some point top management may decide that the returns being experienced at a certain level are sufficient and it is no longer necessary to continue the project.

Sounds like chaos? I think most managers will recognise this as the de facto situation that they face each day. We have studied this, created best practices, and created a practical approach to solution execution.

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