Making payments and handling queries with:

o   Banks

o   Insurance Companies

o   Building Societies

o   Other types of financial institutions

Carrying out research on regulations



Brokering arrangements for household and related services including:

o   Housekeeping 

o   Laundry

o   Cooking

o   Grocery shopping

o   Utility bill payments

o   Plumbing

o   Electrical work

o   Appliance repairs

o   Organization

o   Gardening

o   Pet care



Running errands for family members here at home who may not have the ability to look after themselves including:

o   Filling prescriptions

o   Doctor visits

o   Lab & other medical tests

o   Arranging at-home nursing care

Office Services

o   Computer/Internet services

o   Administration & Organization

o   Data entry

o   Janitorial services



o   Lifting

o   Furniture assembly

o   Minor repairs & carpentry



o   International shipping including internet shopping delivery (USA to Jamaica)

o   Courier services

o   General transportation

o   Packing & Moving

o   Personal transportation – school drop offs/pick ups, extra-curricular activities etc.

o   Acting as consignee for select movements of items for Individuals/corporations


Recommending professionals for services e.g. Lawyers, Land Surveyors, Realtors

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